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Embossing, Conversion and Associated Sales

Film Conversion

Embossed Polythene is a series of small indentations in the film to give a cosmetic effect which is used predominately in the rubber and associated industries as interleaving to allow trouble free separation of compounds.  It is becoming more commonly used in the flooring and pallet protection industry as a cleanliness and low cost alternative to protect flooring; either as base sheets to form a waterproof non slip barrier or an interleaving sheet to prevent slippage of product.  Top sheets help provide a non slip waterproof protection

What can we do?

Our machine has the ability to produce continuous single web polythene sheeting, usually manufactured on standard 76mm or 152mm diameter cores, from widths of 600mm to 1780mm.  The machine can accommodate up to ten tonnes a week with individual rolls of up to four hundred kilos each.  We have the ability to manufacture to our customers needs in a variety of colours as well as offering various slitting facilities.  We can supply all types of film or alternatively we can offer purely a conversion service of your own material.

Stock Holding

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